Hammer Tube Amps

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We are now offering repair for your Tube Amplifiers.  Guitar Amps or Audio Amplifiers.  We have a technician available who has vast experience (45 years +) in this area. 

In the 1980's the big amp manufacturers would have liked to send tube amps out to pasture and sell you solid state amps. They would sacrifice tone to make an extra buck, but musicians wouldn't hear of it.  The tone produced by vacuum tubes is still unmatched and unrivaled.

Just like any vintage piece of equipment your tube amp needs some periodic maintenance. If you would like to restore your amp to it's original glory give us a call at 330-455-0341. We can replace the old capacitors, tubes or other components and get it back to sounding like the amp you know and love. And if you think your amp had certain shortcomings in it's original state we can address those issues as well.
 Give us a call, we love Tube Amps!!!
We are also interested in buying your broken or neglected amp and giving it the TLC it deserves.